Stock Footage

As an editor, I've spent the past several years overshooting B-Roll for any project I'm a videographer on, and as a result I have a vast collection of stock footage. I filmed all over Prince Edward Island, and all of my footage is available for purchase in high definition. A sample can be found here. If you're interested in seeing more please contact me!

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Copyright 2017

A web series depicting a world in which filmmaking never evolved beyond the silent era. Everything else is depressingly the same. Episode 1 was filmed by me alone in May of this year, and was screened at the 2017 Charlottetown Film Festival. Episode 2, filmed in Halifax with writer Emma Boardman in Halifax. Further episodes, in which I collaborate with a different filmmaker every time, are on the drawing board!


Monster Proofing (Coming Soon)

Together with Donna Davies at Ruby Tree Films, I developed and wrote a short film centered on a young girl's efforts to ward off a horrifying monster. Thanks to a generous grant from the PEI Council of the Arts, "Monster Proofing" went into production in December of 2016 with Donna in the director's chair. It was a lifelong dream to see a crew bring something I've written to the big screen.


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