Monster Proofing

Logline: A young girl races against time to ward off a monster that's trying to break into her house.

Additional Information: A short horror script meant to both frighten and empower young audiences. A version of this script was filmed by Donna Davies at Ruby Tree Productions and is currently in post-production.  Read the script here.

Field Trip of No Return!

Logline: When the entire student body vanishes during a field trip, the three least popular kids in school must brave a deadly, magic amusement park to rescue their classmates.

Additional Information: A feature length adventure film, written as an affectionate send-up of the kind of schlock I consumed as a child in the 90s. At the same time the story is a celebration of the spectacularly uncomfortable but crucially important pre-teen years. Currently a proof-of-concept short film based off the script is in development, but in the meantime you can read an excerpt from the screenplay here.


Logline: Two people who can't stand each other suddenly discover that everyone else in world has vanished... and they must stick together if they want to avoid the same fate.

Additional Information: A character driven thriller and horror film, this is my experiment with minimalist storytelling. I wanted to develop two characters, then strand them in the empty countryside with no one else to play off of. But even though they might be the last two humans, that doesn't necessarily mean they're alone... Read an excerpt from the screenplay here.


Logline: An outwardly ordinary man one day decides to act on an impulsive, murderous thought.

Additional Information: A short thriller. I'd never based an entire story around a character predisposed to evil before, so this script is me dipping my toe into some very murky water. Read the script here.

Damon Wickersham - Atheist Preacher

Logline: A militant atheist preaches his worldview, oblivious to the Biblical plagues occurring all around him.

Additional Information: A short comedy script structured like an human interest piece. This came out of my desire to satirize a certain closed minded personality type that I find both repellent and fascinating. Read the script here.