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Welcome to my Portfolio!

Atlantic Canadian filmmaker. Man of few words.

What I Do:
Editor: I have experience editing narrative and documentary films, short films, advertisements, and informational videos. I also assistant edit and have worked as a Data Management Technician. Proficient in Adobe Premiere, Avid, and Final Cut Pro.

Photographer: Electronic Press Kit photographer, with a focus on production stills and behind the scenes pictures on film shoots. I also work as an event and tour bus photographer. As a hobby I shoot landscapes and city lights.

Videographer: Available to film B-Roll, stock footage, and Electronic Press Kit footage. Available to document special events. (NOTE: I am not currently available to film weddings. I only edit them.)

Writer: Screenwriter, author of twelve feature film scripts and numerous short films. Available to write or co-develop narrative projects.

Production Assistant: And if you've got a fun project I'm happy to do whatever needs doing!

I can also solve those magic eye puzzles really fast and couldn't figure out how to work that in organically. But now you know that about me too.

This time around we're spotlighting this tribute to Christmas lights all across Prince Edward Island! Check this space every now and then to see something new!