Electronic Press Kit - Photo Samples

Wharf Rats: Season 1 (2018)

Filmed in North Rustico over the course of three astonishingly fun weeks in July 2018, Wharf Rats, a comedy web series from Jason Arsenault, will be hitting the web in 2019.

Still the Water (2020)

Drifters’ author Susan Rodgers feature film debut filmed in Prince Edward Island throughout the spring of 2019, and is currently in post-production.

3:21:00 (2018)

A short film written and directed by Madhi Selseleh and Ryan McCarvill, “3:21:00” saw its debut at the Charlottetown Cineplex on October 29th, 2018, and is on its way to the festival circuit.

Solastalgia (2019)

Celebrated documentarian Millefiore Clarkes’ short film “Solastalgia” filmed in April 2019 and will appearing at film festivals later this year.

Sins of the Father (2020)

Ryan McCarvill’s independent crime thriller was filmed over the course of a long weekend in the midst of a devastatingly cold PEI winter.

Boxcar Dan and the Vagabonds (2019)

Jason Rogerson’s proof-of-concept short for a larger feature film was shot in the PEI Countryside over the course of a whirlwind October day.

Bait (2019)

A scrappy, grisly little production filmed by Jason Arsenault in North Rustico, “Bait” is a proof of concept horror film filled in October 2017.

A Blessing From the Sea (2017)

Adam Perry’s epic thriller transplanted the PEI film community to Tignish for the week and has since aired on HBO Canada. A feature based on “A Blessing From the Sea” is in pre-production.

Outdoor Photography

Nature Photos

A wide array of landscape photos taken all across Canada, with a bit of New Zealand for good measure.

City Photos

Same as above, just closer to my hotel.