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A web series depicting a world in which filmmaking never evolved beyond the silent era. Everything else is depressingly the same. Episode 1 was filmed by me alone in May of 2017, and was screened at the 2017 Charlottetown Film Festival. Episode 2, filmed in Halifax with writer Emma Boardman in Halifax. Further episodes, in which I collaborate with a different filmmaker every time, are on the drawing board!


Singing to Myself (2016)

"Singing to Myself" is Harmony Wagner's one thousand dollar film exploring the nature of intimate female friendship. I served as assistant editor, grip, and, given the budget, doer of whatever needed doin'. I've never had a better time making a movie than with this cast and crew, and having seen the film when it premiered at the Atlantic Film Festival, I'm very proud to have this title on my resumé. Watch the trailer here.

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No Parking (2013)

As a lark I decided to see if it was possible to shoot an entire short film by myself. Three spring weekend evenings in a row, I disappeared into the countryside and filmed myself running to and fro. Unfathomably, it's served as a calling card for me, having been licenced to air by the CBC and screened at the 2013 Atlantic Film Festival. Watch it here.

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